Japanese Sign Language FingerSpelling

How do I learn Japanese Sign Language Alphabet? 

Many people are interested in learning about Japanese Sign Language. Especially after the Anime movie “A Silent Voice” was released in the U.S. and in Europe. Here is a video that shows each JSL sign that was used in the movie “A Silent Voice”.

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The History of Japanese Sign Language 手話の歴史

How did Japanese Sign Language Develop?

Just like many countries across the globe, Japan has its own sign language called Japanese Sign Language which is also known as JSL. About 60% of the hearing impaired use JSL, but this hasn’t always been the case.

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DeafJapan 月曜男とダニー Monday Man and Danny.mov

Monday Man is one of my favorite Japanese Sign Language signer! 月曜男の日本手話が大好き! If you know a little JSL it's very easy to understand his stories! 手話ちょっとだけ分かってなのに、月曜男のストーリーは分かるやすいです!

DeafJapan 1 Minute Sign Finish 一分手話 終わり.mov

DeafJapan 1 Minute Sign Finish 一分手話 終わり

DeafJapan Going Away Party for Sherry シェリーさんの送別会.mov

She talks about her experience and travels in Japan. Her favorite JSL signs, as well as her non-favorite JSL signs. (Sorry no subtitles)

DeafJapan Volunteer in Tohoku, Japan

Our new video about volunteering in Great Earthquake and Tsunami stricken areas with Jamie El-Banna and his volunteer organization called "It's Not Just Mud". 新しいビデオをご案内します。内容は東北でのボランティア活動についてです。ボランティア団体"It's Not Just Mud"代表のジェイミーさんのインタビューしました! Translation 翻訳: Shiori Mitsunaga 満永 栞

DeafJapan Minute Signs はい Yes.mov

One Minute, One Word, One Sentence. 「 1 分」「1 つの単語」「1 つの文」! 皆さんも練習してみて下さいね。 Now you try and practice. 日本手話:はい ASL:Yes visit us at HP見て下さい: www.deafjapan.com

Osaka Deaf Women's Volley Ball Practice 大阪バレーボールチームももぐみ.mov

Osaka Deaf Women's Momogumi 大阪バレーボールチームももぐみ