Here is Part 3 of my explanation for the JSL signs in "A Silent Voice".

What are Shoko and Shoya saying in Japanese Sign Language?

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What is the ASL for the JSL? 

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But I found some free time to make this video: "A SILENT VOICE" 『聲の形』(KOE NO KATACHI) Japanese Sign Language (JSL) EXPLAINED PART 3.

So let’s get right into it.

1.Stare 見つめる (mitsumeru)

2.Apologize 謝る (ayamaru)

3.I don’t need you いらないあなた (iranai anata)

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4.Little sister 妹 (Imōto)

Drink Grandma’s juice 

5.Drink 飲む (nomu)

6.Grandma おばあちゃん (Obāchan)

7.Juice ジュース (Jūsu)

8.Classmate 同級生 (dōkyūsei)

9.Good いい (ii)

10.Another person 別の人 (betsu no hito)

11.text message メール (mēru)

12.want to したい (shitai)

13.My 僕の (boku no)

14.Sahara 佐原 (sahara)

15.Elementary school 小学校 (shōgakkō)

We just went over 15 different Japanese Sign Language signs from the movie “A Silent Voice”. I hope you enjoyed learning the signs. 

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