More Japanese Sign Language from “A Silent Voice”

Japanese Sign Language (手話) EXPLAINED PART 4

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Here is part 4 of the JSL explained in "A Silent Voice"

Here is the vocabulary with the time stamp: 

1. 久しぶりだよね 0:39

    Hisashiburi dayo ne 

    Long time no see 0:48

2.あれから勉強してたの 0:56

   Are kara benkyō shitetano 

   I continued to study from back then 1:05

3. ごめんね 1:13

 Gomen ne

 I’m sorry 1:16

4. 会いって嬉しい 1:21

 Aitte ureshī

I'm happy to meet you again 1:27

5. 私も1:32

 Watashi mo 

 Me too 1:36

6.  何を話してだろって 1:40

     Nani o hana shite darotte

     What were you two talking about 1:48

7. 何処行くかって 1:54

    Doko iku katte

    Where are you going? 2:01

8. パン屋 2:06

    Pan ya

    Bread shop 2:12

9. 待ってね... 手話... 手話 2:19

    Matte ne... Shuwa... Shuwa

    Wait... Sign Language... Sign Language 2:25

10. 私...声...変?2:32

       Watashi... Koe... Hen?

       Is my voice strange? 2:36

11. 全然大丈夫 2:44

       Zenzen Daijoubu

       It’s completely ok 2:49

12. いかなきゃ! パン 2:53

       Ikanakya! Pan 

       I have to go now! Bread 3:00

13. じゃあまたね 3:05

       Jā matane

       See you around 3:10

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 We just went over 15 different Japanese Sign Language signs from the movie “A Silent Voice”. I hope you enjoyed learning the signs. 

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