JSL Stickers for iPhone[メッセージ]アプリでスタンプ

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Travel Chopsticks by DeafJapan, Anime w/Signs series 手話でアニメ『マイ箸』

$15.00 USD (packaging and delivery included)

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Anime w/Signs Hero T-shirt  手話でアニメ『ヒーロー』Tーシャツ

Anime w/Signs (シュワデアニメ) Hero T-shirt is available.  Designed by Paul Guo.

Price: $25.00 (packing and shipping based on USPS flat rate)

Shipping will take 2-3 weeks.

Anime w/Sign Hero 手話でアニメ『ヒーロー』

Anime w/Sign Hero 手話でアニメ『ヒーロー』