DeafJapan In Tohoku New Years

DeafJapan In Tohoku New Years

DeafJapan Volunteer in Tohoku, Japan

Our new video about volunteering in Great Earthquake and Tsunami stricken areas with Jamie El-Banna and his volunteer organization called "It's Not Just Mud". 新しいビデオをご案内します。内容は東北でのボランティア活動についてです。ボランティア団体"It's Not Just Mud"代表のジェイミーさんのインタビューしました! Translation 翻訳: Shiori Mitsunaga 満永 栞

DeafJapan Minute Signs No 違う.mov

One Minute, One Word, One Sentence. 「 1 分」「1 つの単語」「1 つの文」! ASL: No 日本手話:違う Now you try and practice. 皆さんも練習してみて下さいね。 visit us at HP見て下さい:

Japan's Earthquake and Tsunami, New Years Volunteers.m4v

On New Years 2012, DeafJapan goes to Japan's earthquake and tsunami stricken areas to volunteer. 2012お正月休み時にデフジャパンは石巻市でバランティア活動をしています。 This is a short trailer. More videos to come. またたくさんのビデオを作成します。 ホームページ:

DeafJapan Minute Signs はい

One Minute, One Word, One Sentence. 「 1 分」「1 つの単語」「1 つの文」! 皆さんも練習してみて下さいね。 Now you try and practice. 日本手話:はい ASL:Yes visit us at HP見て下さい:

DeafJapan Classes

Want to learn ASL or JSL? Join our classes: アメリカ手話、日本手話勉強したいですか?是非デフジャパン来て下さい: Or view us live on: レアルビデオを見て下さい:

DeafJapan 1 Minute Signs デフジャパン 1分手話

Learn how to sign the word "Cute" in ASL and in JSL! アメリカ手話と日本手話『可愛い』勉強しましょう!

DeafJapan "I Love You" Photo Project, Hiroshima

Kaorin and Danny in Hiroshima, talking about their 2nd experience with organizing a group photo for the "I Love You" Photo Project for Tohoku. The first photo is at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and the second photo is at the Atomic Bomb Dome. Also Leah and Corey were involved in this project. Can you find them in the photos?

Osaka Deaf Women's Volley Ball Practice 大阪バレーボールチームももぐみ.mov

Osaka Deaf Women's Momogumi 大阪バレーボールチームももぐみ